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The Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation has been organizing sports rehabilitation training programs for many years, allowing many visually impaired friends to regain their confidence, strive actively, and integrate into society.

However, the Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation does not have regular government funding. Therefore, all the administrative management, promotion, and the expenses for organizing sports training activities for the visually impaired friends are maintained through various donations!

Thank you for your care and love for the visually impaired friends! If you would like to support the Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation to continue providing services to the visually impaired friends, please feel free to choose any of the following donation methods that best suits you (donations of HK$100 or above can apply for tax deduction).


Donation method: 

1. Charitable Donation

You can donate to the federation through bank account deposit / crossed cheque / FPS. For detail, please refer to the Donation Form.


2. Donation Box

HKBSF has set up donation boxes in major shopping malls and stores to facilitate the public to donate.


3. Legacy Giving

Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation have teamed up with ForeverGift.hk, a legacy giving platform, which would make your Will for free if you donate a legacy gift to us.   ForeverGift.hk would assign a Hong Kong practising lawyer to write your Will according to your wishes. When the Will is ready, you would be able to meet the lawyer and have your Will signed and witnessed at the lawyer’s office. It’s a simple and easy way to make a legally effective Will. 

To make your Will for free, please register through:

(i) This website: www.forevergift.hk/

(ii) WhatsApp: 5468 3635

For enquiries about the service, please call 5468 3635.

Thank you again for taking the first step towards doing something amazing for our visually impaired members.




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The Hong Kong Counil of Social Service
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